Coverings, Chippings & Accessories

By adding grave coverings, grave chippings, grave plaques, or other grave ornamentations, you can highlight the individuality and personality of your loved one. Give us a call to find out more on


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Coverings, Chippings & Accessories

The integration of grave plaques, books, photo ceramics, slabs, coverings, and chippings onto memorial sites elevates the commemorative monument to a more artful and deeply meaningful memorial. These expertly crafted elements enable families and friends to preserve the legacy of their loved ones in a tangible and enduring manner. Incorporating these thoughtful and bespoke features means that individuals can create memorials that celebrate a life lived and provide solace for generations to come.

Grave and Headstone  Restoration

A personalised grave is a legacy for everyone to admire. Get in touch to learn more on

Custom made headstone

Grave Plaques

Grave plaques are exquisite markers that elegantly capture the essence of a person’s life story. Crafted from premium materials such as bronze, stainless steel, or granite, these plaques are engraved by our master stonemasons with heartfelt messages, names, and dates. The ornate detailing and sophisticated design of these plaques imbue the memorial site with an air of timeless significance. Families can customise the font, imagery, and layout, ensuring that each plaque is a distinct representation of their loved one’s legacy.

Grave Books

Incorporating the concept of a memorial book into the physical gravestone offers a unique and poetic way to encapsulate a life’s narrative. These grave books, carved from enduring materials, inviting visitors to engage with the written memories of the departed. Epitaphs, poems, and anecdotes can be engraved onto the pages, transforming the memorial into a heartfelt literary work that preserves the essence of the individual’s spirit.

Grave and Headstone  Restoration
Custom made headstone

Photo Ceramics

Photographs are windows to cherished memories and incorporating them into memorials and headstones adds a deep personal touch. Grave photo ceramics are masterfully heated onto porcelain using the latest technology to ensure complete likeness to the original imagery. These photo ceramics evoke a strong sense of connection, allowing visitors to reflect on the life lived and the impact made. We use the only company producing these products in Ireland from start to finish and they use the finest quality Italian porcelain with the most technologically advanced German and Japanese techniques in their production process. Their products are kiln-fired at over 870 degrees Celsius for several hours which renders them fully weather resistant.

Grave Slabs and Coverings

Grave slabs and coverings serve as protective and decorative elements, guarding the resting place while adding aesthetic beauty. Crafted from resilient materials like granite, these slabs can be engraved with intricate patterns, epitaphs, or symbolic motifs. Coverings, such as finely designed granite tombcovers, offer protection from the elements and reduce the need for regular maintenance.


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Ballylusk Chippings

Grave Chippings

Grave chippings added to a grave site can ease the grieving process by creating a beautiful, well kept and easier maintained plot for your loved one’s last resting place. We offer a large selection of stones from natural stones to recycled materials like quartz and glass although the latter are more expensive they offer a longer lasting and more beautiful finish to your loved ones grave. Both natural stone and recycled materials come in a variety of different colours and finishes so please get in touch for our full selection.


Coverings, Chippings & Accessories FAQs

Can porcelain grave ceramics be mounted onto granite?

Yes. Porcelain grave ceramics can be mounted onto granite and other types of headstones.

Can a grave plaque be personalised?

Yes. Our grave plaques are fully customisable to add a personal touch to your loved one’s grave.