Mount Jerome Cemetery

Mount Jerome Cemetery

We provide Mount Jerome cemetery headstones, memorials and renovations & additional inscriptions. 

Mount Jerome cemetery & crematorium is situated in 158 Harold’s Cross Road, Harold’s Cross, Dublin. Since its foundation in 1836, it has witnessed over 300,000 burials. It is owned by the General Cemetery Company of Dublin and is approximately 50 acres. Originally an exclusively Protestant cemetery, Roman Catholics have also been buried there since the 1920s. In 2000, Mount Jerome Cemetery established its own  crematorium on the site. The cemetery is a mainly a headstone and surround cemetery with most of the surrounds in 5” by 4” natural stone. 

There are many notable people buried here they include: 

Robert Adams (1791–1875), physician and professor of surgery, Maeve Binchy (1940–2012), author (cremated), Fritz Brase (1875–1940), German military musician and composer, Peter Caffrey (1949–2008), actor (cremated) (Ballykissangel), William Carleton (1794–1869), writer, Thomas Caulfield Irwin (1823–1892), poet, writer, scholar, Michael Colivet (1882–1955), Irish politician, Commandant of the Irish Volunteers for Limerick City, a founding member of the Irish Republic and, in later years, Chairman of the National Housing Board, Paddy Daly (1888–1957), member of the IRA during the War of Independence and later Major-General in the Irish ArmyDerek Davis (1948–2015), Rte broadcaster, Benjamin Guinness  (1798–1868), brewer, philanthropist, and other members of the Guinness family, John Edward Jones (1806–1862), civil engineer and sculptor,  David Kelly (1929–2012), actor (cremated),  Joseph Robinson Kirk (1821–1894), sculptor, who also executed the figure over the memorial of his father, ThomasThomas Kirk (1781–1845), sculptor, who also designed the Butler mausoleum in this cemetery, David Marcus  (1924–2009), Irish Jewish writer, editor, William Fetherstone Montgomery (1797–1859), obstetrician, Hans Garrett MooreVC (1830–1889), soldier, Arthur Thomas MooreVC (1830–1912), soldier, William Wilde, father of Oscar Wilde. His wife, Jane Francesca Elgee, is commemorated on Sir William’s monument, but she was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery in London. S. Allen Windle (1828–1880), Martin Cahill (1949–1994) known as “The General”,  Chaplain of the Mariners’ Church, Dún LaoghaireEdward Perceval Wright (1834–1910), ophthalmic surgeon, botanist and zoologist, Jack Butler Yeats  (1871–1957), artist to name but a few there are many more.