Saint Peter’s Cemetery 

Saint Peter’s Cemetery 

We provide Saint Peter’s cemetery headstones, memorials and renovations & additional inscriptions. 

Located at Chapel Ln, St Peters Rd, Little Bray, Bray, Co. Wicklow. The cemetery is in two parts, an older section is within the original church grounds and a newer section is at the rear of the church. The town of Bray spans both sides of the River Dargle. The northern part is in County Dublin, and is known as Little Bray. The southern part is in County Wicklow, and the greater part of the town is contained in this area. The cemetery is just inside the area on the northern side of the river, which was originally part of County Dublin but is now part of County Wicklow.

Saint Peter’s Church was probably the original parish church of Bray, before the town expanded in the late 19th century.